Carpet Cleaning

Regularly scheduled maintenance extends the carpet life cycle, thus reducing long-term cost of ownership.

The longer a carpet stays in service, the less it costs. The key to keeping a carpet longer is a proactive maintenance program.

MenPark Enterprises, Inc. specializes in getting your carpets the cleanest they can possibly be!MenPark Enterprises, Inc. uses professional carpet cleaning techniques to clean your carpets.  We utilize a truck-mounted RX20 Rotary cleaning system to get your carpets clean and looking new.  This system utilizes a hot water extraction with optimum pressure and vacuum to get your carpets clean.

It’s a good idea to clean your carpets at least twice a year, but a tailored program can be devised for your particular needs.

As the air circulates around; your carpet contains dirt, pollen, dust, food particles and many other contaminants.  Call us to clean your carpets and help keep your office not only looking but also feeling clean.